My name is Bonnie,

thus "Bonnie Jordan Photography" I can't wait to meet you!



I have a B.S degree in art education and a minor in photography from UWS. I learned photography skills before Photoshop was a thing, thus I value taking excellent pictures straight from the camera. I use natural light and lighting techniques with flash and off camera flash to make rich vibrant pictures. 


My favorite poses are the ones that come naturally to you! I combine my creative ideas with your unique personality and together we make something that has unlimited meaning and value! 



I am insured with the fantastic Matt Thoreson at State Farm, and because of my education background, I have completed a background check and am licensed to work with kids. I value safety and comfort, and will always put you and your loved ones first. 


It is important that you find a photographer who you can trust, and have fun with! Choose your preferred way to communicate with me. You can text, call, Facetime, email, or meet me for coffee, I'll buy!

If you decide to work with me then:

1. We will go over and sign a contract

2. Pay a % of your session as a non-refundable booking fee. For your convenience all my prices are listed under the Rates tab

3. Get excited about your day!

4. Stay in communication with me as I send you nifty and useful information on how to prepare. 

5. Have fun and thoroughly enjoy your picture time!

6. The rest of the fee is due no later than the day of your event. 

7. I will send you a beautiful gallery to view and download your images. 


Grand Finale

Love, share, love, print and love the results of your investment and time well spent!