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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Remi Evelyn, born on May 6th, at 7lbs. 15oz. was given a name that speaks of tenderness and sweetness combined with strength and surety. Her name speaks well of her. She is a little package full of snuggles and ruffles, with bright curious eyes who holds her head high, taking in life and speaks her mind, yet sleeps peacefully regardless of the chaos around her. Remi has a mom who also lifts her head high serving others in kindness and love, and a dad who appears tough on the outside but has a big soft heart. She has been given the perfect examples of strength and gentleness to follow in. Remi's family patiently hoped and waited for the gift that she is. They know they are blessed beyond words to be given this sweet baby girl. May Remi grow knowing that she is equally blessed to have parents and family who are surrounding her with love and strength.


To all our police officers who daily lay down their lives to serve our communities with love and strength, you are appreciated. Thank you!

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