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Joel Graff, The Guy Everyone Knows

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

The other day I invited a lady over for dinner. She was talking about her recent move from Alaska to Duluth to start Millie's House, a transitional home for women coming out of prison or treatment. She went back into her history in Duluth and started talking about this guy, "You know Joel Graff..." she said. "Everyone knows Joel Graff..." Well yes! as a matter of fact I did know Joel Graff! I had the recent privilege of working at a wedding with him. His business as a DJ thrives because of his name, and you can be sure that he will be a host who will listen, plan and and pray in order to provide you with an evening you will be sure to enjoy.


You can find Joel at:

Graffx Entertainment

(218) 348-2478

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