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Your Lifestyle Newborn Session

Updated: Jan 26

Tips to prepare your home and family for your in-home newborn lifestyle session

Bonnie Jordan Photography | Superior, WI

Congratulations on the newest member of your family! The first weeks with a newborn can be exhausting but are filled with so much wonder and many precious moments that come and go in the blink of an eye.

Lifestyle newborn photography focuses on these authentic and candid moments. It is my joy to document the love filled interactions between your baby and the family life they will be joining. I will also document their new little hands and toes, their nursery and anything else that is important to you. Together we will create images that feel natural, are full of love and true to your life; images that will be cherished for generations to come.

If you have other children, they may or may not be interested in having their picture taken. That is ok! Before I arrive talk to them about what is going to happen and make it exciting and be positive. Tell them my name beforehand so they have an idea of who I am and why I am there. If your children have tears or a hard day don't worry, this is story telling photography and that is all part of the story!

I value your family values and will be open and responsive to your requests and ideas when planning together. If you have questions at any point in the process, please ask.

Tip 1: Wardrobe Do's and Don'ts

The trick is to coordinate your family, but not match. Neutrals, earth tones, solid colors and some texture work the best. Start with moms outfit and build everyone else around her. Some ideas for mom are a flowy dress with a textured sweater or wrap, leggings/ jeans with a loose shirt, sweater or textured blouse. Dad is good in a solid T and casual pants. Everyone have bare feet or cozy slippers!

You want to avoid tight fitting, stiff clothes that bunch up, short dresses, logos or words on shirts and bright or neon colors. You will be doing a lot of sitting, snuggling and playing on the bed, floor and couch. Hands and feet will be in the images, so clean/trim nails for everyone. Most importantly wear what you are comfortable in!

Tip 2: What to Clean

Don't worry about cleaning your entire house. Tidy up just the rooms we will be using, they don't have to be deep cleaned, just free from any clutter so we can avoid distractions in your images. Put anything you don't want in your images in a laundry basket, throw it in the closet and shut the door. Then it's all together and easy to find when you need it again. Vacuum or sweep the room and make the bed. That's about it. If you have fun textured blankets that you like, feel free to throw them on the bed!

Tip 3: Use Window Light

Open the blinds and curtains in the rooms we will be using to allow in as much natural light as possible. We will turn off any artificial lights. We can even drag a chair over by the window or slightly re-arrange once I'm there to get that natural soft light to flow over you. If it's the right season, we can also go outside and spend time in your yard if you would like to.

Tip 4: Use Meaningful Items for Props

If it's important to you, it's important to me! Set out any items you would like photographed. Some ideas could be blankets, outfit, shoes, headbands, hats, stuffed animals, and books. I will bring a blanket or a wrap along just in case we want to add them in.

Tip 5: Have Snacks and Bribes on Hand

Make sure the whole family has eaten prior to the session, hungry tummies are hard to ignore. If siblings need a snack in the middle of the session, that is o.k! Bribes go a long way. Having some non-sticky quick snacks to give your kids during the session, like goldfish or cheerios will keep things running smoothly. Keep the suckers and chocolate milk for the end! Keep your baby on the same eating schedule that they are used to. We want to make as few disruptions as possible. If your baby wants to eat during the session, incorporating that in makes beautiful images.

Tip 6: Include Your Pets

Pets are part of the family and are also welcome to join in! If you have a pet who does not like to be approached, please tell me beforehand.

Tip 7: Have Fun!

This is the most important tip. This time is about you and your family. Relax, and have fun with your kids. Think tickling, book reading, peek-a boo, jokes and airplane rides. Keeping it fun and relaxed goes a long way in getting smiles and precious interactions. I will be there to be your storyteller and catch a few delightful moments along the way.


If you have killer planning tips that should be on the list, message me or leave a comment below!

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