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Wedding Day Pictures and Tips for Planning

Updated: Feb 18, 2022


Details are the pictures taken of your wardrobe and accessories or any items that are important to you. Examples could include dresses, veil, suits, shoes, rings, purse, wallets, watches, cuff links, jewelry, flowers, family heirlooms cologne, hats, cuff links, or ties

Ideal Time: First thing

Ideal Location: Where the party is getting ready

Tip: Set aside the items that you would each like photographed in one spot. That way when I arrive I can be efficient with our time and make sure all your important items get photographed



During this time I will take candid pictures of the fun and excitement as you and your bridal party gets ready for the day!

Ideal Time of Day: Morning or early afternoon.

Ideal Location: A well lit room with natural light

Tip: Try to keep bags, food, personal items and other things out of the way so that your images don't have distracting background clutter in them!



A fun way to let your ladies see you for the first time in your gown and glory!

Ideal Time of Day: Right after you are dressed

Ideal Location: Where you are getting ready

Tip: Remember to have a separate room to get dressed in!



You are beautiful. There is no one else in the entire world like you

Ideal Time of Day: Right after you have finished getting ready

Ideal Location: A private area, or a quiet shaded spot on the grounds where you are getting ready

Tip: Use this time to have a peaceful moment



Some couples like to wait to see each other when the bride walks down the isle, others like to plan a private first look before the ceremony

Ideal Time of Day: After everyone is dressed and ready

Ideal Location: A private and quiet shaded area

Tip: If you have a first look, then your other portraits can be taken before the ceremony. If you are not having a first look portraits will be take before the reception and having a plan for your guests will help them pass the time while they wait!



Images of your special guys, gals, and sweet children

Ideal Time of Day: Daylight, after first look pictures, or right after the ceremony if not doing a first look

Ideal Location: The grounds of the venue, or a location nearby

Tip: Plan on pictures with kids first, and don't forget the flowers!



During this time relax and simply enjoy being together

Ideal Time of Day: After the bridal party pictures or 1 hour before sunset when there is stunning light

Ideal Location: The grounds of the venue, or a location nearby

Tip: Limiting travel time to a location will allow for a more relaxed time together



Family pictures will be treasured by all

Ideal Time of Day: Daylight, after the bridal party and couple pictures right before the ceremony or immediately following the ceremony

Ideal location: At the location of the ceremony, or where the other portraits are being taken

Tip: If you have a large family ask a friend who knows the family members to help gather people and get them ready



Your ceremony is a wonderous way to speak quietly of who you are as a couple

Ideal Time of Day: Daylight

Ideal Location: Wherever makes your hearts happy

Tip: The rest of the day is usually planned around the ceremony



Enjoy images of all your hard work planning and creating the reception space

Ideal Time of Day: Before the space is open to guests

Tip: If you have twinkle lights, or candles have someone light them for the pictures



It's time to celebrate!

Ideal Time of Day: Usually an evening event

Ideal Location: A venue nearby the ceremony

A reception usually includes being announced for dinner, cake cutting, first dances, and guest dancing

Tip: It's your celebration, enjoy yourselves!


So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

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