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What is a Lifestyle Session?!

Updated: Mar 16

In its simplest form, lifestyle photography is the art of telling YOUR story as it unfolds. Say "goodbye" to "stand there, say cheese!" and "hello" to genuine interactions and expressions. You get to be in a place you love with those you love doing what you love. The planning stage is simple with only a few things to make it successful. We might dance, we might run, we might lay in the long grass, it doesn't matter as long we are together.

"Happiness, laughter and joy abound, when friends, family and lovers are around."- Amy Davis


Pick a location that your family loves. the beach, a wooded path, a field of flowers, your own backyard... any space that you use and love and feel comfortable in is a good location.


What is it that your family loves to do? Do you go for hikes in the woods? Do you spend time fishing at grandpas dock? Do you have a family project you are working on? Did you just have a baby and want to document the first few days of family life? When you have an activity, the focus automatically is taken off of the photographer and when that happens, natural and beautiful interactions come alive.


Have your family coordinate clothing that will help with the visual flow of the images. A general suggestion is to avoid large patterns and logos and to wear neutral colors. Bare feet are always a plus!


The right photographer is a storyteller. They will know how to set you up with minimal direction and then step back and watch life unfold. They will be ready for the unexpected! There is no re-do in lifestyle photography, the whole goal is to capture life as it happens along with real joy and real family connection.


The most important thing to make your session a success is to have fun and enjoy your time with each other! Children love to play, and playing as a family brings out those smiles. Even if your children aren't feeling it, that's ok, that's all part of life.

Ready for your family adventure?!

Are you looking for a themed session? Ask about Styled Child sessions here!

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