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7 Tips For An Awesome Senior Session

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Congratulations, you are a senior! Be proud of yourself, this is a big moment in your life.
Now it's time to start planning for your senior pictures. Here are some tips to help you out.
Let the adventure begin!

Tip 1

Sleep and Eat

Get lots of rest the night before your session, and eat something beforehand so that you won’t be tired and hangry!

Tip 2

Your Location

If you would like to pick out the location, that’s cool with me! To find the best place, pick a place that you love, or has something that you love in it. Think about what the location has that you can interact with. Ideas include old brick walls, trees, bridges, stadiums, rocks, trains, railroads, water, open fields, skate parks, and fences are just a few things that you could lean on, sit on, do a hand stand on, or have as a background.

I am happy to make location suggestions and help find the right one for you!

Tip 3

Time Of Day

Golden hour is one hour before sunset and my favorite light to work with. Golden hour light will make your skin look its best and if you love sun flares, we can get those too! However, if you need a session earlier in the day we can make it work by picking a location with shade from buildings or trees or getting creative with our posing.

Tip 4

Get Your Body Ready


If you are sunburned, or have pealing skin we should reschedule. Acne will be removed. Scars will only be removed at your request.


Haircuts 1 month in advance for girls and 1 week in advance for guys, so that your hair has time to look natural. Style your hair in a way that says YOU! This is probably not be the time to try something dramatically different, unless dramatically different is your signature look;)


Your eyes will be the focus of most of your photos. Lots of eyeliner will make your eyes look smaller; lots of mascara will make your eyes look bigger!


Your hands and feet will be visible in some of the photos, so trimmed nails and no chipped paint will help them look their best!